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Corfu kumquat. The trademark of Corfu

In Chinese kumquat means "golden orange" and indeed, if you look closely, the shape resembles that of a small orange. According to history, the kumquat was brought to Corfu by British agronomist, Merlin, in 1860, who cultivated his property in the area of Dassia.

Kumquat is a type of citrus tree, the fruit of which ripens in December. Eaten with the peel, it has a bitter sweet taste and, like all citrus fruit, is rich in vitamins A and C. The bulk of production is processed in the island facilities in the form of liquers, sweets and jams.

It is produced in the Platonas area on the Nymph plains in the northern part of Corfu where the soil is rich and the climate favours the quality owing to its geographical location.


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