The Perfect Family Trip to Gongis Studios (Corfu)

Agios Georgios Argyrades is a great destination for parents traveling with their children and some of the tours available will even manage to grab the attention of the little ones.

Agios Georgios Argyrades church

Gongis Studios is one of the best places in Europe for a family trip and the parents can plan the trip online easily via the site of

Discover a different side of Corfu

✓100m. From a sandy beach

✓Discover Tree Houses and hammocks in a beautiful lush garden

✓The serenity of Gongis Studios Kerkyra location brings a feeling of complete relaxation.

✓Just the perfect setting for enjoying your new book And relax in the hammocks

Relax on the corfu Top sandy Beach, Issos

✓The sandy beach that stretches for more than 3 km is considered one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the Ionian complex.

*Gongis Studios has obtained the “Health First” certification, which will be displayed in the reception area, and proves that we follow the mandatory health and safety protocols released by the Greek government, regarding the reduction of Covid19 transmission to Studios employees and customers.

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