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Top 10 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

1) Kills Cancer Cells

Oleocanthal, an ingredient found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil , has been found to kill cancer cells within 30 minutes!

2) Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study found that a Mediterranean style diet rich in Olive Oil reduces the risk of type II diabetes by about 50 percent.

3) Helps Prevent Strokes

Regular consumption of Olive Oil helps lower the risk of stroke, especially in older adults.

4) Keeps the Heart Young and Healthy

The endothelium is a layer of cells that line the inner walls of the arteries, a diet rich in Olive Oil reduces the endothelial damage that occurs with age and helps the blood circulate smoothly

5) Fights Against Osteoporosis

Olive Oil and the Mediterranean diet not only provides a myriad of physical health

benefits, but also helps with emotional health problems, such as depression.

6) Protects from Depression

Regular consumption of Olive Oil lowers the risk of Depression

7) Prevents Skin Cancer

A study by Tel Aviv University in Israel and Rockstock University in Germany concluded that Olive Oil contributes to the prevention of malignant melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

8) Promotes Weight Loss and Protects from Metabolic Syndrome

Olive Oil helps promote Weight Loss by curbing hunger. In addition to losing weight, Olive Oil also protects against Metabolic Syndrome

9) Aging and Longevity

It slow down the effects of aging and helps preserve vitality and youthfulness. Olive Oil has a beneficial effect on all the hallmarks of aging at the cellular and molecular levels.

10) Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Italian researchers have found that Extra Virgin Olive Oil may prevent or delay the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the severity of it’s symptoms.


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