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Nothing's better than figs - Greek Figs are among World’s Best Superfoods

Figs are widely known in the Mediterranean since the ancient times; thought to have been first cultivated in Egypt and then spread to Crete and Ancient Greece.

The fruits were considered so valuable that it was illegal to export them.

Nowadays one of the largest producers of figs worldwide is Greece.

The fruits are rich in calcium, potassium (a mineral that helps to control high blood pressure), dietary fibre (positive effect on weight management) and manganese (known for its cardiovascular effects).

It is among the richest in fibre fruits, protective against post-menopausal breast cancer and their leaves have insulin lowering properties. Dried figs can be enjoyed throughout the year and stay fresh for several months.

They are best kept in room temperature in a cool and dry place wrapped well. If you wish to revive them, soak them in boiling water or lightly steam them. They’re wonderful when chopped, mixed with other dried fruits, nuts and spices, added to tea-breads and cakes or stewed, flavoured with anise and fennel.

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