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Ouzo – The uplifting Greek Drink!

Ouzo drink with its strong anise flavor and with a little hint of Greece. It is a clear drink which gets milky-like when water is poured into it and aromas emerge and demonstrate its other qualities. Ouzo is so much more than just a drink. It is a way of life in Greece!

Ouzo originates from Asia Minor and nowadays is produced in all Greece. The complex and detailed production process differs from recipe to recipe which goes on from generation to generation and remains a well kept family secret. he drink is flavoured with a variety of herbs that grow on Greek land.

Ouzo usually consists of a smaller proportion of grape distillate larger than 20% according to regulations. Today there are more than 300 ouzo producers.

Ouzo drink is served straight, with water or with ice, in a tall slim glass in order to add as much water as we please. Ouzo opens your appetite and makes you crave the delicious Greek tidbits called Mezedes This drink is also used in cocktails mixed with fruit & vegetable juices as well as liqueurs. Some connoisseurs, drink ouzo alternately with Greek coffee, while others add a few drops in their coffee!


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