CORONAVIRUS - One of the safest beaches in Europe (Corfu Halikounas beach)

Blessed by gods, Corfu is one of the greenest Greek islands, with exceptional flora and fauna. Do you know that Greece has been up to 50 times less affected by Coronavirus than any other destination in Europe?

"Halikunas Beach, is just 5km away from Gongis Studios and we feel so confident reading that it has being classified as one of the safest beaches in Europe!"

Greece is often mentioned as one of the safest destinations in Europe for Coronavirus. Some specific measures have been taken such as social distancing on beaches, room disinfection, air conditioner replacement filters in rooms after each stay, temperature measurement on arrival at the airport, availability of masks and numerous hospital beds (Greece has more hospital rooms per capita than Ireland or the United Kingdom).

Just 40 minutes by car from Corfu Airport discover one of the most amazing and largest beaches on this dream island. Treat yourself to a paragliding ride and fly over this narrow and long golden sandy beach.

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