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Do you miss Greek food next to the sea ?

When people visit Greece, one of the things they remember most is the Greek food next to the sea .

Fresh fish, fresh octopus ,shrimps ,kalamarakia,Fresh salads garnished with feta cheese and doused with olive oil.

Meat and potatoes , greek souvlaki ,Pikilia,One of the most popular taverna dishes all over Greece is the ποικιλία (pikilia), a variety mix of grilled or fried mezedakia (appetisers)
Traditional meze with Tsipouro or Ouzo served at a taverna next to the sea.
Conventional Greek sweets such as baklava to complete the meal, and Greek wine to wash everything down. In Greece, food and culture are inexorably linked.

Enjoy photos with a greek food next to the sea

*Gongis Studios :  At our area are many Taverns with greek food near to the sea , ask us to suggest you  taverns next to the sea. 

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