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Discover Corfiot nature / One of the most famous hiking at corfu (Agios Georgios - Lake Korission

Corfu’s nature is probably its biggest attraction! The heavy rains of the winter and the relatively mild summer in combination with the fertile soil of the island contribute to the island being green from one end to the other all year round

Someone said that the seasons on Corfu are two springs, separated by the summer and a short but rainy winter.

"Probably the most enthousiastic (and certainly the funniest!) advocate of the Corfiot nature was Gerald Durrell"

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The variety of flowers, plants, trees, insects, bugs, animals and birds is astounding. But also underwater, the sea around Corfu is bustling with life. All in all, the biodiversity of Corfu is astonishing! This biodiversity and nature has enchanted many writers, poets and painters who have dedicated their works to Corfu. Probably the most enthousiastic (and certainly the funniest!) advocate of the Corfiot nature was Gerald Durrell, who lived on Corfu as a child and wrote several books about it (My family and other animals, Birds, beasts and relatives etc).

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"One of the most famous hiking at corfu (Agios Georgios Argirades - Lake Korission"

Corfu hιkiηg trails combine mountain and sea, green hills and picturesque and sandy beaches and all in all, offer the most complete Ηiking experience on our beautiful island.

If you love nature and seek for a calm, relaxing place away from the bustle, don't miss this place! Arriving at Korission, you will get to see flamingos, pelicans and other beautiful animals on that huge lake with Corfu's mountains in the background. Walking on the lagoon with the ocean on the one and the lake on the other side is great.

In this area you have a lovely coastal route Lake Limni Korission, south of Corfu. There is an Eco zone with rare species and birds. Extraordinary beach with golden sand dunes, that always remind me of Sahara desert, though without camels and palms.

Routes to South Corfu

Agios Georgios (Gongis Studios) – Issos – Korission Lake – Halikouna

Time : 04:57

Distance 19.2 km

for more information check this site

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